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"The drunken and befuddled Stephano (Erica Flor) and drinking buddy Trinculo (Gioconda Mirra) provide wonderful comic relief...“The Tempest” provides a satisfying mixture of vengeance, comedy, and love—ending with notes of resolution and hope."

-K. Marguerite Carrona, Theatrius

"...moments in Giulio Cesare Perrone’s production...attest that you don’t need a huge budget to make Shakespeare gleam. Erica Flor as drunk fool Stephano takes it in stride when the crude spirit Caliban (Liddy Freeman) wants to pay fealty to her as royalty. Her whole shrugging, galumphing bearing seems to say, “I don’t know why you’re doing this, bro, but knock yourself out!”

-Lily Janiak, San Francisco Chronicle

The Tempest Inferno Theatre


Erica Flora [sic] gave me chills as I witnessed her inner struggle with the evil (Erzsebet) inside her. It was provocative, daring and unlike anything I have ever seen. Well written, performed with passion and honestly. A must see!" 

-Helena Cosentino, HFF certified reviewer

The performance is extremely strong, this is as bold as a

writer/performer can get."

-Guy Picot, FringeReview

*FringeReview Highly Recommended Show*

Erica Flor, Bloody Beautiful

Pick of the Fringe
Encore! Producers Award

Nominated for the Sally Kemp Award for Best Actress in a Drama


"The stage craft with which Flor and Robinson physicalize the tension in Gayle’s high-wire, no-net act of male impersonation, and the precision of the British accents that they continually put on and off throughout combine to create a powerful sense of the degree to which sexual intimacy can become a folie a deux."

-Charles Donelan, The Santa Barbara Independent

"Simply elegant, heart-wrenching, moment-to-moment, unsentimental theatre. Remarkable boldness from these young actresses...Bravo!"

-Anonymous HFF certified reviewer

"This was a perfectly executed performance. Gorgeously devised, sensitively directed, sharply written and flawlessly acted."

-Jane Walsh, HFF certified reviewer

Encore! Producers Award
The TVolution - Gold Award

Erica Flor & Madelyn Robinson, Strap-On
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