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William Shakespeare’s



Free Admission!

Sunday, May 28th, and Monday, May 29th (Memorial Day)
Saturday, June 3rd, and Sunday, June 4th
Saturday, June 10th, and Sunday, June 11th  

Amphitheatre opens at 3pm. All performances start at 4pm

This free production is adapted, directed and designed by award winning theater artist Giulio Cesare Perrone.

A tempest has been conjured by Prospero, the former Duke of Milan, who, with his daughter, Miranda, landed on an island twelve years earlier as castaways escaping death when his brother Antonio treacherously seized his dukedom. 

Safe on this magical island, Prospero improves his studies in magic aided by the spirit Ariel, as he seeks an opportunity to return home. Through her magic, Ariel safely shipwrecks Prospero’s enemies on the island… And so the play begins.

The Tempest investigates the destiny of theatre as it pushes theatricality to the limits, inviting the audience to abandon themselves to the magic of the island and its inhabitants. We create this imaginary island using live music, movement, and Shakespeare’s own poetic words and imagery, transporting the audience to an enchanted, magic world.

Adaptor, Director, Set and Costume Designer - Giulio Cesare Perrone
Assistant Director and Music Director - Mayou Roffé
Movement created by the Ensemble
Sword Instructor - Isaac Pryka
Masks - Annie Hallatt
Performing Artists – Casey Anderson, Lauren Dunagan, Erica Flor, Liddy Freeman, Julie Lamb, Tiffani Lisieux, Gioconda Mirra, Michael Needham, Mayou Roffé, Andre Szarmach, Canberk Varli

In other news: Erica is currently writing a second solo stage performance about the life and death of Mata Hari, and is in pre-production for a found-footage style short horror film.

as Erzsebet Bathory in Bloody Beautiful
photo credit: Jeff Mills



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